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Anime Overview

Name: Overflow
Genre: Romance, Ecchi, Slice of Life
Language: Hindi Multi
Studio: Studio Hokiboshi
Director: Rei Ishikura
Licensed by: N/A
Original Run: January 6, 2020 – February 17, 2020
Episodes: 8


"Overflow" is an intimate and romantic anime series that delves into the complex relationships between its main characters. The story revolves around Kazushi Sudou, a college student, and his close interactions with the Shirakawa sisters, Ayane and Kotone, who are childhood friends.

One day, a seemingly innocent situation turns into an unexpected and steamy encounter when Kazushi finds himself in a bathtub with the sisters. As they navigate this awkward yet exciting turn of events, the series explores the evolving dynamics between Kazushi, Ayane, and Kotone. Romantic tensions rise, and emotions run high as they balance their feelings and their relationships.

"Overflow" combines elements of romance and ecchi with slice-of-life moments, offering viewers a series filled with humor, passion, and the trials of young love. It’s a short but engaging anime that provides a glimpse into the characters' intimate and personal experiences.

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